Graphite series - Honing Rod

The limited edition Graphite series honing Rod is finally here, ideal for most-sized knives, making Honing convenient and effortless. Keep your knives in optimal sharpness by adding this horning Rod to your collection. Even if the blade is sharp, honing can realign the edge, making slicing and cutting a breeze.

Hand made:

Carefully handcrafted using a high-carbon stainless steel core, Gently hone and re-align your knife edge back to factory sharpness, without compromising blade integrity.

 The Handle:

The golden fragments make the Graphite series extremely unique and a one-off set. Each set is exclusive to its owner as every handle varies due to the gold decoration being sprinkled from above while the Carbon fiber handle is setting giving each knife a truly one-off design with each handle being one of one.

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Our knives are hand-forged by our professional blacksmiths which have over 30+ years experience. Only the highest materials are selected when hand-crafting our knives. Multiple detailed hand inspections are carried out to ensure that it surpasses our exceptionally high standards before leaving our factory.

We pride our self on the sharpness of our knives, this is why we use the highest grade materials to ensure our blades stay sharp for as long as possible. If cared for correctly our knives will last a lifetime. Occasional sharpening/horning is recommend to keep the out of box sharpness.