Type of Chef knives

Common Types of Chef Knives

Have you ever wondered why there are so many knives in the knife set that you just recently purchased at Walmart? Do I really need so many knives? What is each knife for? How many types of knives are out there in the world? Well, I am here to answer all your knife questions.


Well, let’s start with the basics. Everyone knows the bread knife. This may be the easiest one of all of them to remember. It is said that this knife is used to cut thick loaves of bread, which is quite obvious, given its name. This knife has thick and deep serrated edges to cut through hard and thick crust.



No, no we will not be using this knife to cut through our utility bills, ha-ha. The utility knife is used for miscellaneous cutting and said to be larger than the pairing knife but not as large as the chef’s knife. What do we mean by miscellaneous cutting? It can cut your old clothes or even that couch with too many bad memories. I am just kidding. Miscellaneous refers to activities such as cleaning fish, prepping vegetables, cutting fat from meat, and other tasks.


I know, this is the main knife that the chef uses in the kitchen. Get it? Chef’s – knife? Anyways, this is the most common knife used in the kitchen whether to slice vegetables and/or chop fruits, basically anything and everything. The knife blade allows for fine mincing as you take advantage of the broad blade that curves upwards toward the tip for a rocking motion.




Ooh, a Japanese knife? You are right! It is said to be the Japanese version of the chef’s knife. It is traditionally shorter than the chef’s knife, perfectly balanced, and less rocking motion.



This knife is designed to cut and force its way through hefty meats and/or poultry bones. The uniqueness of the blade allows the user to pulverize meats and crush garlic bulbs or seeds.



Can you now say that you’re educated as it relates to the types of knives used in the kitchen? Do you know which knife is used for intricate work? The paring knife. Which knife is used to remove bones from meat? The boning knife. How about which knife is used to slice steaks?